Saturday, 15 June 2013

Tasmania Trip: Ferry -> Home

We woke up at 5:30 (this holiday has involved a lot of early mornings) and got dressed and packed then went out to the eatery to have some breakfast. Liam had a lovely feast, the rest of us ate a bit and then the girls and I headed to the gift shop for one last holiday purchase - Millie bought an oven mitt styled as a Tasmanian Devil, which she uses as a puppet - it is very cool.

Then we gathered up our bags and headed down to the car, we were one of the first cars off. We drove off the ramp into a large puddle of water - one of those flash floods we'd heard warning of on the weather the night before. It was just after 6:30 when we came off the boat into a rainy Melbourne morning. We dropped Tony off at his car (he'd left it at a friend's house) and were home by 8am.

It was great to be home, the kids in particular felt very happy to be back even though they'd enjoyed the holiday. It was weird to be here without animals. We spent the morning eating, unpacking a little bit, Tony sorted out the dishwasher which had stopped working just before we left, we cut some wood and stocked our woodpile, watched TV, set up Caitlin's new iPad Mini, and just settled back into home nicely.

In the afternoon our friends came over and bought Stripey back - a very happy reunion for all, and especially for Caitlin and her friend S.

Now to get on with organising Liam's birthday party (Sunday), finish unpacking, sort out the trip photos, and get on with our every day lives.

It was such a wonderful holiday and I'm glad we went in winter this time, it let us have experiences we wouldn't otherwise have had, and places were not as crowded or hectic as they sometimes are in summer.

Over the next couple of days I'll be adding photos to those posts which are currently just text, and the kids want to write a few more blog posts as well - so keep checking back for a few more days.

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