Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Tasmania Day 9: Millie's birthday/Hobart

Millie’s 4th Birthday!!!!

Everyone was awake before 7 and piled into the big bed for Millie’s present opening. From Caitlin she got a little wooden cat, a wooden ladybug in a case, which wobbles when you touch it (the ladybug, not the case), and some cat lego. From Liam she got a white stone which she’d admired the day before at Salamanca Markets. Tony and I gave her a Toy Story book, some Toy Story lego, and a Daddy zebra – to complete her Schleich brand zebra family, although she pointed out that she needs a big girl zebra and a big boy zebra to complete the family – she’s only got the mummy and daddy and baby zebras.

Millie receiving her Daddy Zebra
The big kids then helped her make her lego creations while Tony and I had a lie in. Bacon and eggs for breakfast, then down to the playground for some more mini golf and a play on the wooden boat. Caitlin and Liam mastered walking along the edge of the boat without any help – Millie can do it while holding somoene’s hand. We handed the golf clubs back and then set out for Bonorong Wildlife Park. We arrived in time for the 11.30 tour and watched and listened as the keeper showed us a baby wombat, Tasmanian Devils, and a koala. Liam answered lots of her questions, and we were all able to pat the wombat and the koala. The keeper was very information and I learnt lots. I’m astounded at how quickly the Tasmanian Devil population is diminishing – I kind of knew it was, but she put it in perspective more effectively than anything I’d read or heard before. After the guided tour part we were free to wander around the rest of the sanctuary, feeding and patting the kangaroos and seeing other animals such as quolls (who I love) and native birds, and a few more Tasmanian Devils, including one who was lying asleep on his back with all four legs in the air. At one point we were all completely surrounded by kangaroos, wanting their share of the kangaroo food we’d been given when we arrived. We hung around with the kangaroos for ages, I think we were the last remaining people there who’d done the 11.30 tour. When the 2pm tour started Liam went along again so got to see the animals close up one more time and learn more about them. After browsing the gift shop the kids ate the giant lollypops that we’d bought yesterday at the markets and we headed back to the cabin.

Tasmanian Devil
Kids patting a koala
Liam feeding a kangaroo
Caitlin and her herd of kangaroos
Millie is in there somewhere
The kids went and played in the playground and Caitlin met a couple of girls around her age. They played Uno for a while then came and made some hot chocolates for everyone. Once the girls went back to their cabin, we had Millie’s birthday cake – 3 pieces of chocolate almond slice which I had found at the markets. We had a 4-shaped sparkler for a candle and Millie enjoyed cutting up the slice and distributing the pieces. The rest of the afternoon we spent relaxing in the cabin or down at the playground, before getting ready to go out for dinner (and do one last shop for food supplies for our time at Cradle Mountain).

Millie's birthday cake
Millie had wanted to go to a pub for dinner for her birthday, and I wanted to go somewhere near the water since it was our only meal out for this holiday. None of the pubs in town seemed suitable but I found a Bar and Restaurant  (Blue Skies) that catered well for kids, so we went there. The kids menu came on paper with a colouring in picture on the other side, and they provided a cup full of crayons. The kids meals were only $10 and came with a drink, salad and chips. Our seats overlooked the water and the kids all enjoyed their meals and the colouring in, and Tony and I had delicious meals as well. Afterwards we went for a bit of a walk towards Salamanca Place to check out a light display on a canopy in front of one of the exhibition buildings, the kids played in the big area underneath and I took some long exposure photos.
Family at dinner
Liam and Caitlin twirling in front of Salamanca Place

We were all exhausted after dinner and pretty much went straight to bed once we returned to our cabin.

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