Saturday, 24 May 2014

NSW Trip Day 1: home -> Strathmerton

Today was mainly spent getting ready to leave, as well as a bit of socialising. We took Winky the cat to a friend's place where she will be spending her holiday - she seemed a bit overwhelmed by the number of people in a strange environment but I think she will settle in ok. My sister and her husband and baby came up for the afternoon, it was great to see them before we left and have some fun company while I finished packing. The car was all packed by 5pm, them finished cleaning up and was almost ready to go when Tony got home from baseball at 6 - we were on the road by 6.50 which I was happy with. We stopped in Seymour for some very yummy pizza and arrived in Strathmerton around 10pm (about 20km from the NSW border). We're staying in a family room in a motel and the kids are thrilled with the free biscuits and little tubs of milk and the huge shower cubicle. Hoping everyone will be asleep soon so we can get an early start on the way to Griffith

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