Saturday, 8 June 2013

Tasmania Day 5 - by Liam

Liam Hickey 5/6/13

Once I went on a holiday to Tasmania. We went on the Spirit of Tasmania to go to Tasmania. I touched a possum on its tail! I saw 29 wombats and 66 potaroos. I’ve seen 7 possums – 3 dark and 5 light. I haven’t seen a Tasmanian devil yet but I’ve seen one of its footprints on the sand, on the 2nd day. We’ve been in 2 cabins already. The one we’re staying in now, we don’t have any power and we have to cook stuff on our fire in our cabin. The 1st place we stayed, we had power and we had a stove as well. The 1st day that I got to Tasmania, we went to a lookout and saw the ocean crashing on to the rocks. Before we got to our 1st cabin, we went crab fishing and found some really good crabs but we had to put them back. We met a man with a metal detector. On the 2nd day, we found a sand dune and we kept sliding down it and skiing as well, but we had to climb up first. On the sand dune, the sand dune was as tall as our house. On the 4th day we went to Lake Dobson and walked ALL the way around it.

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