Monday, 3 June 2013

Tasmania Day 1: Home -> Spirit of Tasmania

We spent the morning and early afternoon finishing the packing, squeezing it all in the car, tidying the house (a bit), doing the dishes and finishing off all the other things I wanted to get done before we left. We were in the car by 3pm and made a few stops on the way – dropping of the last of the library books, buying some last minute snow gear from Aldi (I got boots, socks and pants, Caitlin got boots, the kids all got thermal underwear) and picking Tony up from baseball (probably the most important task really…) Then off to Port Melbourne to line up and finally drive on to the Spirit of Tasmania with 3 very excited, squealing very loudly, kids in the middle row of the car.

We had spied the boat as we approached from the side and it looked quite impressive and exciting and even more so up close. We went straight to our cabin which had 2 lots of bunks in an L-shape.

Tony’s cabin was just around the corner but he stayed in with us. We had a quick explore of the ship, found the ATM to get cash before we sailed, looked at the kids playroom which was not particularly exciting, so checked out the games room which had racing games and a couple of skill games to keep the kids and Tony amused. Then downstairs for dinner at the serve-yourself eatery, after watching a bit of Harry Potter 5 on one of the TVs, and off to the theatrette to watch Life of Pi. It was a bit challenging to find seats where the kids could see without blocking anyone else’s view, we managed it after a bit of shuffling around. The movie was great, although perhaps not the best choice to watch while on a large boat, seeing is it about the sole survivor of a shipwreck… Liam loved the tiger and the other animals, although was then a bit nervous about being on the boat. Right towards the end of the movie the boat started rolling noticeably which upset Caitlin’s stomach. Millie was asleep by then so the girls went to bed and the boys went upstairs to check out the waves which apparently was a cold and slightly scary trip.  Everyone slept well except for me – I wasn’t feeling sick but just couldn’t fall asleep with the motion. Oh and those beds are rather small to share, even with someone as little as Millie!

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