Sunday, 11 March 2018

Brisbane Trip Day 22: Brisbane

We had another quiet morning, chatting, playing with kittens, playing Roblox, watching YouTube, I did some work with my photos. Caitlin and one of the girls wanted to go shopping again, so I dropped them off at Riverland in Ipswich, then I went to Jaycar to get a new cable for our USB charging box for the car – it stopped working when we were on our big trip and I’ve been using the fan charging cable ever since. The guy there was very helpful – looked at it and said it might be the fuse, so checked it, changed the fuse for me and charge me 40c. I got back in the car and it worked again – very happy! I got petrol and milk and headed back home for a cuppa with my friend.

The girls were ready to come home around midday, and we decided to all go into Ipswich and meet them there and have a play at Queens Park. My friend took the boys and picked the girls up at the library, Amelie and the oldest girl and I went in my car. We were almost there when it started raining, so I popped back home to get my clothes inside – I want them dry when we leave tomorrow. Back to the park where we found the others. It was a very cool playground. The girls borrowed my camera and took some modeling type shots, they had a lot of fun. Caitlin and one of the girls were wearing the same coloured skirt, they looked good together. Caitlin had found some high-heeled boots at the op shop so was very happy to finally get some.

It started raining fairly heavily and we moved under a gazebo to have some sausages and cake for lunch. Liam’s shorts had got caught on the flying fox so I rummaged in the car to find more pants for him – most things were at the house but I managed to find something acceptable. As the rain eased all the big kids went back out to play, and Amelie danced for my friend and I – to Shake it Off and You Belong With Me. It was pretty awesome.

We wandered across the road to the Nature Reserve where there is a free animal zoo. We saw wallabies, wombats, snakes, lizards, turtles, bilbies, spinifex hopping mice, and birds. Very cool. At the end of the walkway is a petting zoo where we patted a steer, a sheep, and looked at some goats. It was a lot of fun.

The boys and Amelie went back to the park and the rest of us went to look for the Japanese gardens. At first we went the wrong way and found an orchid greenhouse which was quite pretty. We located the gardens and had a wander – pretty paths and bridges and trees and ponds and streams and lilies. There were lots of water dragons – at one point we saw 12 on the same area of grass. We even saw some swimming which was a bit exciting. There were turtles in the main pond who swam right near us.

My friend left to take one of the girls to dancing, and I went back to the park to collect the boys and Amelie, the other girls followed soon after. After a bit more of a play I did 2 trips to take everyone home. I had a cup of tea and relaxed for a little while, then started on sorting out the car – getting all the rubbish out of it and reorganizing things so I could put our bags back in. Once that was done I packed all our bags and got everything together inside so we wouldn’t forget anything in the morning. It took a bit longer than I’d hoped but really wasn’t too hard. One of the girls cooked dinner and I did get to sit and relax once I was all packed. The boys played more Roblox (they had 2 ipods connected to the xbox so they could all play the same game), Amelie watched YouTube and the big girls did yoga and gymnastics together. They made up some 2 person yoga positions, then the boys came outside and they started to incorporate them into the yoga as well, and ended up with a 5 person position. It was really cool to watch them work it out, come up with the ideas then play around with who should be where, and adjust as necessary. The mozzies drove us inside after a while.

My friend came home around 11 so we had a bit of a last chat before I headed to bed, everyone else went fairly soon as well as we all have an early start in the morning.

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