Tuesday, 6 March 2018

Brisbane Trip Day 18: Brisbane

We all had a quiet morning, with the kids gradually waking up one by one. I popped down to Aldi to get milk, and got petrol, and called in to the Lifeline Op Shop where I found a couple of interesting looking books. Back home I sat outside for a while and read my book, some people watched tv, some played iPads and some chatted. We tidied up a little bit, then the kids did the watermelon challenge - putting rubber bands around a watermelon until it explodes - it took a long time because it was a long, oval watermelon, and the explosion was pretty exciting. The kids and my friend had watermelon in their hair and clothes, it was quite funny. The kids then used the pieces of watermelon to rub on each other's hair and skin, and I was watermeloned as well. They turned the hose on then, and filled balloons with water, so soon everyone was wet and watermelony. It was a lot of fun, with a lot of laughing.

I had a shower to de-fruit myself and the kids gradually got cleaned up. My friend cooked some lunch and we sat and chatted, then I went back down the street to the chemist to get something for Amelie's mouth ulcer, and to fill Liam's asthma medication prescription.

One of the girls had dancing, so Caitlin and her sister went with her and my friend, while I stayed home with the boys and Amelie. The kids played Roblox on xBox and iPads, and had some really involved games. After my friend's husband came home, we took the 4 kids to a new Splash n Play park nearby. Most of them were reluctant to go out - I was so hot and sticky though that I really felt like some water play would be helpful, and it would be good to see somewhere new. The water wasn't flowing when we arrived, however there was a very cool adventure playground, with lots of high rope bridges and some fun looking slides. At the splash park we found buttons to press to start the water. I walked through some of the sprays and felt so much better. Only one of the boys put his swimmers on, the other 3 kids didn't want to get wet. They did run through the water a little and found a way to navigate through the splash park without getting very wet. They played on the playground for a while then we all played cops and robbers. I was the prison guard because my ankle has been hurting a lot lately and I didn't want to run. Another girl Amelie's age came along and she joined in the game. It was tricky - the robbers would climb put to the top of the playground, but could then get stuck there as the cops could get to any exit point quicker than they could.

After a while the kids moved over to explore the splash park and cool off a bit. They ran through the water for a while then decided to dam a little stream - at first they used their bodies and could get a bit of a water build up, then they used towels to block off the drain and they created quite a pool at the end of the stream. They all had a lot of fun and kept saying what a great place this was. There was  a storm coming so we headed off just before 6. A guy had come over and told us he'd seen a snake in the garden, so the boys were keen to get a glimpse of it but it remained hidden.

On the way home I bought Go Buckets for the kids from KFC, then back home to more Roblox. I did some work on the computer and we all hung out quietly until the girls came home around 10.30. The girls then did face masks on me and my friend, and on themselves, which was pretty relaxing. We talked and had a late supper. Amelie fell asleep but the rest of us were up until after midnight.

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