Saturday, 3 March 2018

Brisbane Trip Day 15: Brisbane

We all had a good sleep and woke up happy to be where we are. One of the boys cooked us breakfast - chicken fillets and kievs, quite tasty. The kids watched Netflix and played Minecraft and Terraria, I chatted to my friend and organised some of my stuff. We all played with the kittens on and off.

Late morning I headed to Frew Park, near the city, with my kids and 2 of the others. There's a park there that's really great for older kids, lots of parkour options and fun things to climb and slide on. The kids played and I met up with a school friend - I'd seen her at our 20 year reunion (Amelie was a baby and my friend was pregnant with her first) and before that not since the late 90s. She had her 3yo with her and he played while we talked. My friend and I went up to the cafe for a light lunch, and my host friend arrived with her other kids (and food for all the kids). It was a very enjoyable few hours, catching up with my school friend and getting to meet each other's kids. The kids all really enjoyed the playground too.

My friend left to pick up her son from school, then my host friend and 2 of her kids left to go to dancing. The rest of us played a bit longer then drove home. The traffic made it a much longer trip as there was school traffic then peak hour. I'd never driven in Brisbane before and I'm enjoying getting to know my way around. Back at home the kids played on the trampoline, played with nerf guns, watched Full House, played Minecraft, played with the kittens and relaxed. I organised some music and apps on my phone and iPad and played games on the couch. The girls did some gymnastics on the trampoline. It was hot and humid but a very relaxed evening. My friend came home quite late and we chatted briefly before everyone headed off to bed.

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