Saturday, 3 March 2018

Brisbane Trip Day 13: Gold Coast

I woke early due to the curtains being open and the sun rising so early in Queensland. I had a nice long shower then spent some time on the computer. I woke the kids and we got ready for our day before going down to breakfast at 7.30. I had a 2 for 1 adults breakfast voucher so Caitlin ate for free, and the other kids cost $1 per year of age - which meant a full buffet breakfast for the 4 of us cost $51.50. The kids enjoyed it SO much (and so did I). We ate bacon, eggs in various forms, sausages, tomatoes, potatoes, waffles, pancakes, maple syrup, croissants, danishes, cinnamon rolls, cereal, yoghurt, fruit, juice, tea and coffee, and ice cream with topping (Caitlin and I didn't have any ice cream). Everyone ate as much as they could and it was all delicious.

Upstairs we finished getting ready then went to the car to drive to Movie World. We arrived just before 10am. We'd seen the DC Rivals HyperCoaster on Monday when we were at Wet n Wild, but looking at it up close from the Movie World Carpark made it look quite terrifying - and the thought that we COULD go on it today made it much more real. We sat and watched it and the Green Lantern coaster (which had several upside down bits and a drop that curved back in under itself) then realised we could scare ourselves out of doing anything if we stayed watching for too long so we headed in to the park.

There was a very excited vibe to the park and I was happy to be showing the kids somewhere I'd been before (although it had been over 20 years and most of the rides have changed). We wandered up the main street and found Green Arrow doing photo opportunities so Liam jumped in with him. The girls lined up for a photo with Wonder Woman but she finished before they got to the start of the line. We looked around for a shop to buy a refillable soft drink cup from - I'd promised the kids we'd get one today, but most places only had pink and we wanted black (a lady at Sea World yesterday had said Movie World had better colour choices, turns out we probably would have been better off getting the blue SeaWorld one and using it again today). Anyway, after checking in several places I finally was able to purchase a black cup. The kids were in the Looney Tunes kids area and went on the Sylvester Bounce and Pounce - a kids version of the ride that lifts you way up high and then drops you down fast. This one wasn't very high, and wasn't fast, just bounced the kids up and down for a while. They had fun. Caitlin was allowed on because she's 13 - I wasn't allowed on as an adult.

We all went then to the RoadRunner coaster. The guy let Caitlin sit with Amelie - he asked if she was 14 or over and she gave an affirmative kind of noise. Liam sat with me. The restraints covered both people in a seat, which meant that Liam and Amelie both had a huge gap between their legs and the bar, because Caitlin and I are so much bigger. Amelie said she wanted to get off, and the guy was really lovely about it. He talked to her about whether she'd prefer to sit with me and assured her she was safe, but she was adamant so he let her off and Liam moved to be with Caitlin which felt safer for him. The ride was fun - a little scary but not terrifying and I imagine a 2nd ride wouldn't be scary at all. Amelie waited for us and then went on the Carousel with Caitlin - she sat on Sylvester and was thrilled as he is her favourite Looney Tunes character. The kids all went on the Sylvester and Tweety Cages then had a look at the other kids rides while I talked to a lady who had just been on the DC Rivals HyperCoaster. She said it was terrifying and the drop was like no other drop she'd ever experienced. Her description was enough for me to decide I was definite NO for this ride.

We went to watch the Stunt Driving Show - it was very loud so a bit uncomfortable for Amelie but the show was fun. It was hot sitting there watching it - I'm glad the seats were in shade!

Seeing a 4D movie was high on everyone's priority lists so we went to the theatre for the next show. It was a road runner show and pretty fun, our seats moved around a lot and there were noises from all directions, sensations on our feet, and water sprayed on us. Amelie was worried she wouldn't be able to see properly and knelt on her seat, and was able to experience most of the effects.

Whenever we walked past a clothing store Caitlin had a quick browse as she wanted to buy some t-shirts. As we walked around the park there were often superheroes or Looney Tunes characters out offering photo opportunities or performing a little display, so we got many photos with various people as our paths crossed. Amelie went up to CatWoman who was draped on a car and had a little chat. CatWoman said 'Bye Cutie' as she left which was pretty thrilling. When Caitlin went over CatWoman told her she liked her hair (still in braids).

Caitlin and Liam went on the Scooby Doo Spooky Coaster (after seeing Batman pass by on the Batmobile) and Amelie and I went on the bumper cars. We met up with the others who both wanted to take me on the Spooky Coaster, and went back to the bumpers. The 4 of us had 3 or 4 more goes. Amelie had to sit with me but she drove (and I could reach the accelerator and help with the steering if she got stuck). She was pretty good at steering and avoided a lot of collisions which I think I would have become part of. Afterwards we watched the Doomsday Destroyer which performed in a similar way to the Pirate Ship at Australia's Wonderland, the one that went all the way over. I enjoyed watching it and was considering whether I could still do it. We had a play with a touch screen code cracking puzzle in Lex Luthor's van.

The big kids went to have a look at the shops again and Amelie explored Charlie's Chocolate Factory then she went on the Bounce and Pounce again. We headed down the other end of Main St to look at the scary rides and sat watching the Arkham Asylum Coaster for a while - a suspended roller coaster (I went on something similar (or the same one?) last time I was here, it was called Lethal Weapon then.) Everyone was hot and tired and we were going to head back for some lunch, then Liam and Caitlin decided to go on this coaster while we were there. They enjoyed it, Caitlin in particular - Liam found the harness didn't quite hold him in place so when the ride twisted or went upside down, he shifted in his seat a bit.

We went back and sat in the main tables in Main St, and Amelie got to give Sylvester a high-5 when he was getting ready for a photo shoot. We ate some lunch and got some more photos, saw Wonder Woman stop some robbers and CatWoman fight off 3 policemen. After we'd eaten some lunch we went and browsed the shops and Caitlin picked out and bought 3 t-shirts. We lined up then to watch the parade which was enjoyable. The kids were able to high-5 several of the superheroes or Looney Tunes characters as they walked back up Main St, and Marilyn Monroe came over to Amelie and said 'Would you like an ice cream Princess?' and gave her a Magnum. Thrilling for all of us!

Caitlin and I went back to the Scooby Spooky Coaster while the others went to the chocolate shop. Amelie filled a tube with sour powder and happily worked her way through that for the rest of the day. I was pretty nervous and I found it pretty scary - it was dark and I couldn't tell what was going to happen next. It actually helped that Liam had told me a bit about it so some things weren't as scary. At the moment all the special effects aren't working so it might even be scarier when they are in place - or maybe just more fun. I found the bit that wound from side to side quite scary - as we went around each sharp bend I leaned way out to the side and it felt like I was going to fall out. I screamed a lot and the guy behind me thought it was pretty funny.

We met up with the others and went to the HyperCoaster. Liam and Caitlin went and lined up and Amelie and I sat and watched and freaked out a bit at the thought of them being on it. The kids came back out after a while, very full of adrenaline and went straight back on it. They said it was really really scary on the first drop, and a bit on the second drop, then really fun. (It's a long coaster). Liam and I went back to the Scooby Coaster and this time I enjoyed it a bit more and screamed much less (still a lot by Liam's standards). Caitlin took Amelie on the Road Runner Coaster - she was ok with it but didn't like the track sloping sideways so much. Liam and Caitlin decided to go and try the Superman Coaster - I'd decided against it because it goes straight up. Amelie did the Bounce and Pounce again, then the Taxi Ride - she got to drive a taxi around a course, and because she was the only one there she had to keep getting out and moving to the first taxi in the queue each time she finished a circuit. She did 5 or 6 circuits then went to the Junior Driving Course. We walked through the Splash Zone to cool off a bit. We finished off on the Carousel, she sat on Sylvester again and I sat on a bench seat. The others came up as we finished - they'd loved Superman and said it was incredibly fast - faster than the JetSkis the day before. They'd also done the Green Lantern Coaster and enjoyed it, even the upside down bits. The kids were so excited that they'd been on all the roller coasters that were open.

We popped back into the chocolate shop and Liam bought some fudge, then into another store to buy some presents. We filled up our soft drink cup one more time (it had been great having that with us all day, cold drinks anytime we wanted them) and finally headed out to the carpark. Everyone was seriously exhausted and very very happy, it had been a fantastic day. I walked to the very far side of the carpark to try to get a photo of the DC Rivals coaster - I had to go that far to fit it all in one shot. The kids rang Tony to tell him about their great day, and we drove to a nearby shopping centre.

We popped in to Coles and bought roast beef and deli salads for lunch, and some pastries for breakfast tomorrow. The kids headed straight up to the room when we got back to the resort, and I followed a bit later after organising some things. On the way to the room I noticed people coming from the pool area - I checked and it was open! They had obviously finished their maintenance. We ate some of the beef and salads and put our swimmers on and excitedly headed down to the pool. It was a lovely temperature and a great place to swim. I taught Caitlin and Liam some tumbling tricks and we all swam around and enjoyed the refreshing swim. It was so great that we had got the discounted rate because the pool was closed, and then we still got to swim in the pool anyway! At 8pm there was a light and music show in the splash zone and the kids went and had a bit of a play and a dance. They wanted to try the sauna so we went and sat in there for a while and sweated a bit, then went back to the spa - a great way to finish off a very tiring day. We'd walked 38000 steps in 2 days - a big effort!

Back at the room we finished off our dinner and set up the beds, this time Amelie slept on the floor between the 2 beds, Liam had a bed to himself and I shared with Caitlin. The kids played briefly on their iPods and were all asleep by just after 9.

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