Sunday, 8 June 2014

NSW Trip Day 15: Newcastle

The rain had stopped overnight so I used the opportunity to clean out the car and get a bit organized before we leave tomorrow. The kids had a great morning climbing the tree across the road and Tony bought them ice creams from the ice cream van. Tony and P went shopping for tonight’s BBQ and Aunty L arrived in the early afternoon. The kids played basketball and loom bands and watched TV and played in their cubby. In the afternoon we did some baking, J helped me make some butterscotch cookies, and K made some gluten free chocolate mud cake – one big cake and some cupcakes. The girls decorated the cup cakes with pink and blue icing. The kids went foraging for flowers and greenery to decorate the tables with as well.

In the evening Poppy, D and D’s daughter L arrived for a birthday BBQ – it’s Poppy’s birthday next Friday so it was a great chance to celebrate with all his children in town for the weekend. It was a fun family night, with great food. The cupcakes were Millie’s birthday cake – its her birthday on Monday, so we sang happy birthday to her, then to LiAM (his birthday is Monday week), and then Poppy. K and Aunty L bought Millie some great craft activities for her birthday. After dinner the kids were planning parties and made signs and even sold tickets for us to come to their party. We wound down the night watching Ice Age 3 while Tony and P played darts. And Millie, after waiting all week, finally got to sleep upstairs with the big girls in J’s bed.
Cupcakes decorated by the girls

Table decorations

The first of Millie's 5th birthday celebrations

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