Sunday, 1 June 2014

NSW Trip Day 8: Blue Mountains

We had a lovely relaxing morning at the cottage, reading and playing and taking our time to get ready – it was a relief not to be on a schedule to get out. Around lunch time we drove up to Katoomba and got some food for a picnic lunch, then went to Echo Point. By the time we got there everyone was tired and hungry so we ate straight away – and it was cloudy and raining on and off so we thought we might not get a great view. As we ate the cloud lifted a bit over the valley and we could see the escarpment on the other side, then by the time we finished and went down to the main lookout, the 3 Sisters were in view as well. I’ve seen them many many times and still find them impressive and beautiful. The kids liked them as well.

The Three Sisters
Lots of cool rock formations to sit on
We decided to walk down to the little bridge that goes across to the first of the 3 sisters. It was an easy walk down the path, with lots of intriguing rock shapes on the cliff next to us, so we stopped for lots of climbing and photo opportunities on the way. We reached the lookout that looks straight out to the sisters, which was cool, and from there we had to go down the first part of the giant stairway, which was steep. LiAM and I were a bit nervous, especially at the bits where the steps were so steep it looked like they disappeared over the edge of the cliff, so we all took it slowly, then LiAM relaxed and Millie got a bit scared – we made it to the bridge and LiAM and I were a bit hesitant, but we went across and it was cool to be standing there although the drops either side are significant and I was freaking out a bit when the kids were standing at the fence looking down. We stayed there long enough for a photo then headed back up. Millie found it hard going – the steps were high as well as steep and I didn’t feel confident having her in the sling while I climbed up – she made it nearly all the way by herself, I was very impressed. I put her in the sling for the last little bit once the drop off to the side felt less scary.

The steps down to the bridge
On the first of the 3 Sisters

Back up to Echo Point with a few more rock explorations on the way, then we bought some ice creams and ate them with a view of the valley. Everyone was exhausted by now so we headed back to the cottage for a quick rest and recharge, then went back to S’s house for the evening.

S’s girls had agreed to look after our kids (they are 16 and 19) so S, D, Tony and I went out to dinner – very exciting to go out with another couple. We went to the Bowling Club in Lawson for Chinese – tasty food and great company. The kids happily watched DVDs and made loom bracelets while we were gone. We stayed for a drink once we got back and looked at more photos of Canada – made me quite nostalgic for Canada myself, I’d love to visit again. It was another late night so once again home and straight to bed.

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