Thursday, 5 June 2014

NSW Trip Day 11 - Newcastle

P & K decided to let their kids have a day off school, so all the cousins could have a full day playing together. Everyone was pretty excited and they all played so well, in lots of different combinations. They built a great cubby under the house, played basketball, played musical instruments, sang, watched tv, watched Frozen (again, for everyone else, and for the first time, finally, for me - and I loved it), chatted, did loom bands, played on the iPad. Tony played golf with D at Merewether Golf Course, using a voucher we’d bought from a discount site – it was a warm sunny day, with a bit of wind, beautiful to be outside in. I hung around at the house with the kids and had a chance to read my book for a good while because everyone was happily occupied. LiAM seems to really be enjoying having a boy to play with (K's son is LiAM's age, so after always having only sisters and girl cousins, he's enjoying this addition to the family). Sometimes the 2 older girls get together and want to be alone, so J (also 7) and Millie have been hanging out a lot as well. 

In the afternoon K and I took the 7 kids for a walk down to the park on the lake. We talked about going fishing and took the rods – Caitlin and LiAM were very excited – but with a westerly wind blowing off the lake it was not ideal conditions for fishing. So the kids played in the water at the edge of the lake, and on the playground. We stayed until after sunset, lovely to watch over the lake. Back home for dinner and a quieter night. Millie and J lay in J's bed and told stories, the big girls made loom bands and the boys watched tv. The kids slept downstairs with us this time so that their cousins could get to bed more quickly and have a better night’s sleep as they have school tomorrow.
Getting ready to go fishing

Sunset over Lake Macquarie

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