Tuesday, 27 May 2014

NSW Trip Day 3: Griffith

This morning Tony went for a morning game of golf at Griffith Golf Course, and the kids and I had a quiet morning at the caravan park. We played a few games in the cabin then went exploring, played in the playground, and played tennis on the tennis courts for a while. After Tony got back Millie and I went to the shops – I got some new leggings which I’ve been needing for a while (and the need had become more urgent when I’d put on my last pair without holes this morning – and realized they also had holes in them…) and some food for lunch.

Once we’d had lunch we set off to Leeton – it was fun driving along familiar roads and seeing new houses or crops in some places, with others looking exactly the same. (One big difference is that it looks like a lot of the rice farmers are now growing cotton). In Leeton we drove to the hospital so LiAM could see where he was born, and then went and played in the playground near the main street. Some of the equipment was the same as we knew it, but they’ve also put in 2 awesome flying foxes – everyone except Millie had a go – it was fast and a bit scary and lots of fun. We got some afternoon tea from Micks Bakehouse and then drove back to Whitton to eat it in the park there. There is a new skatepark, but the rest of the playground is exactly as Caitlin remembers it from when she was tiny. I went down the big slide for old times sake and it was high and scary just like I remembered – glad I wasn’t doing it while balancing a toddler like I used to! Tony had a beer at the pub and chatted to the new owners about the changes in the pub since we left (really only changes in ownership, it looked exactly the same). The kids rode their scooters at the skate park and played with one of the local boys, then we scooted and walked around to our old house. At first glance it looked exactly the same, but they’ve put in a new fence, and air con in the garage, and several sheds in the backyard. There was a guy mowing the back lawn and the kids went and said hello – he was the guy who bought the house from us and we had a bit of a chat about the renovations they’ve done inside as well. We then wandered down to the butcher – as we’d driven into town we’d wondered if the butcher would still be there, and we doubted it as the guy was pretty old when we left – but driving past we could see him sitting in the same chair in the window, reading his paper, as he always was 8-10 years ago. So we bought our dinner from him – and he recognized our faces and wasn’t surprised when we said we used to live there.

LiAM with his impressive chocolate cake

Caitlin on the slide in Whitton

Home to the caravan park and Tony cooked a bbq and we watched tv and chatted until we went to bed.

(I haven't uploaded any photos from my camera yet - will try to do that in the next couple of days so I can add some photos to this post) - I have now done this!

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