Monday, 26 May 2014

NSW Trip Day 2: Strathmerton -> Griffith

Everyone was awake by 5.30 this morning, which meant we were able to get up and have breakfast and be back on the road by 6.30. It was pouring rain when we left, but it cleared in time for us to see the sunrise about 45 minutes later. We also saw 7 emus near the turn off into The Kidman Way - we've seen emus there every time we've done this trip, and it is always exciting.

We arrived in Griffith before 9am, and went for a drive up the main street - Tony hadn't been back to Griffith since we moved away from the area nearly 8 years ago (the kids and I have visited 4 or 5 times since then). We stopped for a coffee and toilet break and a quick play in Memorial Park, then on to Exies Oval to watch our friend C play football. After the game we went back to his house, wonderful to spend the day with my best friend B, and her kids. Lots of chatting and iPads and water play and loom bands and dress ups and dancing and tv. Great to see D when he came home in the evening too.

After dinner we came to the caravan park (the kids and Tony had called around in the daytime to check in and were impressed with the triple bunks, the playground and the pool (which is unfortunately closed for the winter). Everyone was quite tired so we settled in to bed fairly quickly and got an earlyish night.

Its always weird being back in Griffith, I keep looking for people that I know but rarely recognise anyone. The kids I taught would now be 17 or 18 so I probably wouldn't recognise them but I keep thinking I'll see parents or fellow teachers... Maybe lots of people have moved on. It is nice to be visiting again though and reliving some fun memories.

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