Monday, 11 July 2016

Half-lap Day 68: Broome

I was up early again and went down to the camp kitchen to have a cuppa and work on the blog. The computer worked well for a while then the keys stopped working again, so I did a few other things that require less typing, then headed back to the tent to start packing up. We figured we’d just head out of Broome a little way, or maybe to the overflow caravan parks, for a couple of days, then still be around when our friends arrived. They were able to book in at Broome Caravan Park where we currently were, so I went to see if we’d be able to come back here on Sunday as well. They had a look and were able to move us on to a powered site straight away, so we could stay here for the next couple of days then 3 days with our friends. This meant we packed quite differently, just dumped a lot of stuff in the car or on top of the trailer, and then drove up to our new site.

It took a good part of the morning to get organised, and it was quite warm working in the sun. Once we had the trailer in position and a few things off the top of it, we took a break and went for a swim to cool off. It was really lovely in the pool and after a while we felt refreshed enough to come back and finish setting up.

We relaxed around the tent and had some lunch, then I was trying to get something out of the trailer and LiAM’s scooter got knocked out. It landed sideways across my toes and was incredibly painful, the worst injury I’ve had so far on this trip. Caitlin and Tony did some first aid for me and helped me sit with my foot up, I had some more food and a drink and rested for a while and eventually felt slightly better.

I had planned to go back to the beach this afternoon and maybe do a bit of shopping. No one else wanted to come and I was going to go by myself. The others were getting ready to go to the pool, then LiAM and Caitlin decided they would prefer to swim at the beach again, so they came with me while Tony and Millie stayed and went to the pool.

We got to the beach an hour or 2 after high tide, so the waves were still decent, and there was a stretch of wet sand to cross before we got into the water. We swam for a while, playing the same game as yesterday, taking it in turns to say what we’d do as each wave came in. LiAM was even more confident today. The water temperature was beautiful as always. We got out and played in the sand for a while, and then explored the rock pools again, before going in for another swim. We probably only stayed an hour then got changed and went to the shops.

We bought a Christmas present for someone from a pop up stall at the shopping centre, then some cheap Skylanders from EB Games and from Target, as well as a few snacks from Target. We got some groceries from Woolworths then headed back to the caravan park where Tony was waiting for the fridge to get back so that he could cook dinner. Millie was very pleased to see us too, we’d been away longer than she’d expected.

Tony cooked spaghetti Bolognese and we sat around the tent playing games before and after eating. LiAM and Millie played with all their Skylanders and Caitlin played on her iPad mini. My toes were aching a lot after walking around all afternoon, so I went to bed before everyone else. I read my own book for a while and fell asleep before the others came in, so Tony read them a story from the internet before they went to bed as well.

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