Friday, 1 July 2016

Half-lap Day 60: Kununurra

When we woke up we weren’t sure if we were going to leave today or not. Tony’s wine was potentially going to arrive at the post office today, but it was more likely to arrive tomorrow, which would mean staying another 2 days, or even after the weekend, which was longer than we wanted to remain in Kununurra. We decided to wait and see if any of the tracking information gave use more details later in the day and we’d decide then. So we had a bit of an uncertain morning, I caught up with some more blogging, talked to a young couple for ages who had lots of tips for the West Coast, the kids played on the iPad, Tony had a rest. LiAM came to find me when I was chatting to the couple in the camp kitchen, and asked if we had any eggs for breakfast (we didn’t). My new friends said they had 3 eggs left that they’d be quite happy not to have to try to fit back in their fridge, and gave them to LiAM. He was very pleased. Later in the morning we talked to Australia Post and they still weren’t sure where the package was… We decided to stay one more day and if it hadn’t arrived by the time we left tomorrow then we’d ring and get it transferred to Broome (and do our waiting there).

The kids were happy to have a rest day after the two massive days we’d just had. They played at the tent for a while more then Tony took them to the pool and I did a big load of washing. I caught up on some more sorting and cleaned the fridge out and the kids came back for a relaxed lunch, then we played some more games at the tent. Millie wrote her postcards that she’d bought in Katherine, and Caitlin made a new friend, a girl who had just arrived at the caravan park. She went for a swim with her friend. LiAM spent a lot of the afternoon doing mazes in his puzzle books. Tony rode his bike in to town to see if his wine had arrived – it had!!! He rode back, then drove back in with LiAM and Millie to pick it up.

We talked for a while to man with a dog who is half kelpie, and chases balls just like Buckley does (ie all day). Caitlin spent most of the afternoon with her new friend, then excitedly discovered that the kids’ friends from a few days ago were back from the Bungle Bungles and staying here again. I’d met a 5 yo boy in the morning, who had gone to the toilet and then couldn’t find his caravan (so I’d helped him get home), and I’d said my kids might play with him later in the day. Caitlin went and found him as well, and the 7 kids all played hide and seek and tiggy and spotlight before and after dinner. We also got our colouring in stuff out and the younger kids happily coloured and drew for a while before getting involved in the more active games.

I sorted a few more things so that packing up will be easier tomorrow. Gradually the kids came back to the tent. Millie was freezing cold (it was about 18 degrees) so put on her thermal pyjamas. Caitlin had exchanged details with her new friend, who will be moving to Melbourne when her trip is finished, so they are hoping to stay in touch and catch up again later in the year. Caitlin had hurt her thumb when playing earlier in the afternoon. She’d strapped it up herself and I hadn’t thought any more of it – when she sat down to get ready for bed though the pain got really bad, I had a look and it was very swollen and bruised. I strapped it a bit more securely and hopefully it will settle down overnight. We went to bed and read Inheritance for a while – I was getting sleepy before the kids so I stopped reading and they played the iPad until they were more tired.

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