Sunday, 19 June 2016

Half-lap Day 47: Darwin

An animal disturbed me in the night – we’d left the bread tub out again so it was probably a possum. I got up to put the tub away and make sure everything else was safe, then couldn’t get back to sleep aain until it was nearly light. Tony got up with Millie and let me have a bit of a sleep in – I didn’t get up til nearly 8.30, very unusual for me.

I did some stuff on the computer, the kids did colouring in and played with LiAM’s presents, then we skyped with my sister and her son – finally had enough internet strength and a time when we were both available, we’d wanted to talk all week since Millie’s birthday. Very cool to talk to them, and her little one was so thrilled to see LiAM, he kept asking for him whenever LiAM went out of the screen.

Today was definitely billed as a rest day after such a busy week. We hung around the tent, LiAM talked to a friend on the phone and then I did as well, the kids played games and we all recharged a bit. In the afternoon Tony took the kids in the pool, and I joined them after a while. It was so nice in the cool water and it’s such a pretty pool to swim in, with a waterfall at one end and beautiful coloured stones. Our hosts turned the waterfall on and the kids loved it. They played with balls and played dolphins and sharks and spent most of the afternoon hanging out in the pool. My eye started to irritate me when I was in the pool and for the rest of the day it was watering and quite sore and looked rather red. I read my book for a while then had a cuppa with our host, had a bit more of a swim and then came back to the tent to start cleaning out the car.

I pulled everything out of the middle row and found lots of things that had gone missing. I worked for a while then Tony needed the car to go and get supplies for dinner, so I went back over and watched the kids in the pool. Tony came back and started cooking pizzas for us and our hosts, in their kitchen, and I finished off the section of the car I was cleaning (the rest will wait for another day). I found (not in the car) LiAM’s missing birthday present so we gave that to him – a cube-bot, a wooden robot shaped toy with articulated parts, he folds into many different shapes including a cube.

The 10 of us ate Tony’s awesome pizzas in their dining room and it was a really fun evening. All the kids were telling jokes and seemed to have a similar sense of humour. LiAM had his cubebot, Millie brought over her birthday crocodile (Shimmer) and the other kids (who are all teenagers) brought out some of their stuffed toys and there were some wild games happening. Great conversation and laughs and a lot of fun. After dinner the dad and our kids went hunting for geckos and green tree frogs and found several of each. The kids were walking around with frogs on their shirts for a while. We cleaned up and came back to the tent and once the frogs had all been returned we went to bed and read Brisingr.

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