Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Half-lap Day 40: Batchelor

It started raining, heavily, during the night so Caitlin, Tony and I were up getting the towels and swimmers in under cover, and getting things off the table that we didn’t want to be wet. It was tropical rain – hot in between the drops and even though the water was cold it wasn’t unpleasant getting wet.

I managed to doze off a little before waking up again in the morning. LiAM and I were up first and got up to play cards. Millie joined us after a while and the 3 of us played. For the second morning in a row I went to put water in my kettle for a cup of tea and a little frog came out of the tap with the water.

The kids had seen some other kids nearby – it turned out to be one of the families we’d played with at Mataranka, so the kids chatted and played throughout the morning. I spoke to a friend on the phone and sorted out our washing. We had planned to go back to the national park , then Millie said she wanted to swim in the pool at the caravan park, so we decided to do that first.

Tony took the kids to pool and I stayed at the tent doing some more blogging and catching up on a few more things. It was hot and humid but very peaceful. The kids loved the pool and swam for a few hours, and were reluctant to go anywhere else, so we decided to stay another day in Batchelor and just spend today hanging around taking it easy. I went and paid for our 4th night and chatted to a guy who had been out to the national park today and got more information about the various walks and swimming holes we could go to.

We played some more card games and the kids watched some videos on the iPad, I read my book for a while and after a relaxing afternoon I took the kids back to the pool for another swim. We talked to a few couples who were swimming and then the kids’ friends from the morning came to the pool, they all swam together and I chatted to the dad about 90s music bands. The kids swam until the mossies got really bad, then we headed back to the tent to have hotdogs for tea. Millie and I went to have a shower and had a green tree frog up on the shower wall watching us. Caitlin joined us and the girls had a play with the frog – it jumped out of Caitlin’s hands and on to her face which surprised and delighted everybody. Back to the tent where we got ready for bed and read for a while.

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