Thursday, 14 January 2016

Queenscliff 2015 - Day 4

I was able to get up early on my own again and head down to the beach. Having swum there a few times now I felt more confident and was able to go in a bit further and relax a lot more in the water. Another beautiful, refreshing, exhilarating swim. I also took some photos and really enjoyed my morning alone on the beach. I felt that my knee was up to the walk around the headland - the tide was too high however and I didn't fancy walking through water so I chose not to try this time.

Early morning at the beach
Rocks near the rock pools
Back at the house we were due to drop the keys back to the real estate agent by 10am, so the morning was spent packing, having breakfast and cleaning up. We got everything done pretty much on time and then spent a bit more time out the front of the house saying good bye and not really wanting to leave. I had a flat battery so that slowed us down a little while we pushed my car out of the driveway and jump started it. Mum and Dad headed off to catch the 11am ferry across to Sorrento, and the rest of us drove down to the beach for one last swim. It was warm and sunny again, a beautiful morning to be on the beach. Millie spent a lot of time digging in the sand and running around near the water's edge, the other 2 and I swam a fair bit, and chatted and with F and played with T in and out of the water. The others headed off once T had had enough, and we stayed a bit longer, really getting the most out of our time at the coast.

Eventually we went back to the car and changed out of our swimming gear, then went into town to the lolly shop which we'd been waiting for all trip. The kids each filled a large paper bag with their own selection of lollies, and I got a few for Tony and I to share - it was a very joyous time and the lady in the shop loved watching how excited they were as they chose their lollies and chocolates and filled up their bags.

On the way out of Queenscliff we stopped at the Marine Discovery Centre - and found it wasn't open to the public at this time of year. There was a little walk we could do around the back of it so we walked along there for a while - it was hot in the sun, but there were interesting signs to look at and a bit of a view across the bay. Back around the front of the centre the kids wanted to look in the foyer of the business side of the centre, so we went in and they found some fishing charts - for determining what size of each species it was ok to catch and which fish should be returned to the water. They took a copy of those and spent a lot of time in the car examining the pictures of the fish.

We continued out of town and stopped to have a look at a few caravan parks (we might be staying down this way again in February) and at the Adventure Park near Geelong (which we will definitely be visiting in February) then stopped for lunch at Subway on the way out of Geelong. We had a relaxing lunch, everyone got exactly what they wanted, then back in the car for an uneventful trip back home from there, arriving around 4.30 and able to settle in for a quiet afternoon at home.

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