Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Queenscliff 2015 - Day 3

Tony left very early (before 6am) to get the ferry back across to Sorrento and drive up to work - it was sad to say goodbye and have the rest of the holiday without him there, the kids all missed him too. I was the first one up again but didn't want Millie to come out to an empty kitchen if she woke early, so I didn't go out my own today. Mum and Dad got up and went for a walk, and when Millie did wake up she and I went out for a wander. It was quite cold - we actually went back to the house to get pants and a jacket for her, and I was wearing a jacket as well. Such a change compared to 24 hours earlier.

Millie rode her scooter and we went up to the park looking over the tugboats and across to the ferry terminal. We walked down the steps and out onto the tug jetty a little way, and explored the sand for a while, then the cold wind and the bits of rain that were falling on and off sent us back home. We spent the early part of the morning playing Uno Spin and running up and down the verandah with T, having breakfast, reading, doing puzzles. Mum, F and I went down the street and had a coffee, then Mum wandered off to explore more shops and F and I stayed and chatted for a while.
Millie walking down the 100 steps to the beach

It really doesn't look like summer in this shot!
Riding her scooter in the maze, with 'our' house in front of her
The kids had missed out on ice cream the day before (they were going to go after bowls, but the shop was shut by then), so as soon as we could see that it was open the kids and I went over and each bought a choc sprinkle waffle cone with 2 scoops. We walked down to the playground near the ferry terminal and the kids played while they ate their ice creams. When we got back Caitlin and I went next door to the op shop and found a huge pile of clothes for her, and some last minute christmas presents, and a snow cone maker!

In the afternoon I made snow cones for everyone which was a bit exciting. The weather was slowly warming up, so we started to get ready to head back to the beach. Millie really wanted to wear a skirt and I hadn't packed one, so she and Caitlin and I went to the op shop down the far end of the street and she found a beautiful skirt and shirt set. The staff also gave the girls some santa candle holders for free, they were pretty happy. We picked LiAM up on our way back past the house and went down to the beach for more swimming and running and digging in the sand and exploring the rock pools a bit. After our trip to the beach the kids each had a spa bath after negotiating who would go first, 2nd and 3rd (balancing desire to get in and have the spa, with the knowledge that whoever went last would probably get to be in there longer).

For tea we had a couple of family sized gourmet pies which were delicious. Afterwards we played Wits End again, with Mum and Caitlin joining in as well, it was a lot of fun.

Running on the beach

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