Monday, 19 February 2018

Brisbane Trip Day 3: Newcastle

I was up first and headed out for a walk. I ended up alongside the Swansea Channel, which was looking hazy and glowy in the early morning sunlight. I sat at a table near the water and did some writing then took some photos, and walked home feeling very happy and refreshed.

Swansea Channel
We had a very lovely lazy morning at the house. The older girls chatted and watched Netflix, Liam watched Dr Who, the younger two played on the trampoline and in the pool in the back yard and with their stuffed toys. The adults pottered around and did bits and pieces and spent time reading and playing games. We had bacon and eggs for breakfast and BLTs and party pies for lunch, it was all very relaxing and enjoyable.

After lunch I took the 3 oldest girls back down to Blacksmiths beach. We swam in the corner near the breakwall where the currents are not as strong. The waves were big, but not rough, they weren’t dumping at all. We swam for nearly 2 hours and it was a lot of fun. I haven’t swum in surf like that for a very long time and it was perfect.

Cousins at the beach
When we got back I jumped in the pool with the little girls, it was a great way to wash off all the salt and feel refreshed. The bigger girls joined us after a while and then everyone went back to hanging out and relaxing in their own way.

After dinner I took the 2 older cousins and my 3 kids down to the jetty at Pelican. The 4 older kids immediately headed out on to the jetty and jumped in – they jumped from the jetty itself and from the top of the pylons. It wasn’t a big jump – only a couple of metres from the top of the pylons, but it was fun. I decided to give it a go (just from the jetty) and it took me a long time to work up the courage. I eventually jumped and I did find it quite scary. Amelie jumped in after me – I was so impressed because she was obviously very scared but had decided she wanted to do it. She took way less time than me to work up to it. The current was quite strong so once in the water we had to swim hard to the shore to avoid being taken under the jetty. Amelie and I both jumped a second time then she’d had enough. I wanted to do it a 3rd because it usually takes 3 times before I stop being terrified – I was still nervous but this time I managed to keep my eyes open as I jumped! After that I was happy to just take photos of the big kids as they jumped in various combinations.

Back at the house we said goodbye to the youngest cousin as she was going back to her Mum’s. I popped down to the shops to get a few urgent supplies and we watched the Winter Olympics for a while. The girls were allowed to stay up a little later than usual as we were here, once they went to bed Caitlin and Liam watched a couple of shows on Netflix then joined Amelie and I in the tent.

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