Monday, 8 August 2016

Half-lap Day 98: Perth

There was lots of wind and rain overnight and we were quite grateful to be inside and not in the tent. Once everyone was awake our hosts cooked breakfast for everyone, bacon, eggs, baked beans, tomato, toast, tea and coffee, it was very tasty and a nice leisurely meal.

We had the Olympics on and watched the swimming finals, seeing 2 Australian Gold Medals which was very very exciting. The kids played in the activity room and popped out to see some of the Olympics from time to time. Tony’s cousin showed us some old photos of the family and offered to share them with us later. It was a quite morning, chatting with our friends and drinking cups of tea.

After 11 (when the shops open on Sundays in Perth), Tony’s cousin took me up to the local Aldi – it only opened a couple of weeks ago and he hadn’t been yet so was fascinated by the prices and how it all works. I was excited to be back in an Aldi again and did a big stock up for our trip back home, I shouldn’t need to shop again for anything apart from bread, milk and meat for dinner.

Back home we had ham bread rolls and soup and leftovers for lunch, and they kids kept playing in the activity room. Caitlin practiced her gymnastics a bit and they made several more videos. I talked to a friend on the phone then went for a walk with Tony’s cousin’s wife when she walked the dog. I came back and sorted out all our food – it took a little bit of organising to get it all in the trailer, and the wind and rain started up again so I got fairly wet. Most of our stuff stayed dry though, and I was able to bring the sleeping bags inside to dry. I finished sorting out our washing and we had a nice relaxing afternoon. Tony cooked some more sausage rolls which everyone loved, then he cooked his chicken and tarragon dish for dinner, it was delicious and another enjoyable meal with great company.

We watched more Olympics and Tony and his cousin went through the old family photos and transferred the relevant ones to our computer. They found a photo of Tony’s mum at her sister’s wedding, she would have been about Caitlin’s age and looked exactly like Caitlin does in photos, it was incredible.

We watched Olympics until everyone was very tired, Caitlin was really enjoying the gymnastics and it was hard to tear ourselves away. I read a couple of very exciting chapters of Inheritance then we all went to bed and listened to the even stronger wind and heavier rain outside.

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