Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Lorne Homeschool Camp 2016 - Day 2

I woke a few times in the night thinking that it was morning - then realised that there was a street light not far from our tent, and I'm used to sleeping in a much darker environment. LiAM and Caitlin woke early and went for a walk down to see the beach (and found a dead crab) and then had a wander around the campsite. Amelie and I woke up to what sounded like raining but was actually cockatoos on our tent - and all over our table, finishing off the remains of the chocolate bavarian which I had forgotten to put in the bin. Amelie played in the tent while I sat outside and had a cup of tea and read my book (Enders Game - fantastic! Better than the movie, which I really loved). 

Caitlin went over to the Foodworks to get a few more supplies for breakfast (Amelie wanted crumpets, Caitlin wanted yoghurt), and we ate at our table. Caitlin took our 4 year old sandcastle friend to the playground, and Amelie had a bit of a play there too once I said I'd stay and watch. M arrived after breakfast and she and Caitlin went for a walk up the street to browse the shops and buy ice cream. LiAM, Amelie and I went down to the beach, Amelie played on the sand and LiAM and I went in the water, it was so much fun swimming with him. The waves were smallish again, but enough to feel like we were in the ocean. At one point I saw a shadow in the water (we had been watching out for crabs as someone saw one in the shallow water the day before, and there was a bit of seaweed around too) and realised it was a stingray swimming parallel to the shore, straight towards us!!! I grabbed LiAM and pointed it out, and we stared it for a few seconds, then as it got close to us it turned and headed out to sea, and we turned and ran into shore, hearts pounding, and laughing and laughing. It was exciting and scary and exhilarating and very cool! 

We were going to head back to the tent, when LiAM's friend K, and Caitlin and M and her Mum E came down to the beach, so we went in the water again. LiAM was quite nervous and didn't want to stay in very long, and I found myself watching shadows a fair bit as well. I got out and was talking to E at the waters edge, and the girls buried our legs up to our knees in wet sand - it was a bit tricky getting out, they did quite a thorough job.

We went back to the campsite and LiAM and I played cards in the tent, then he went to find K, and Amelie and I played cards. LiAM came back and we had some lunch, (I had toasted sandwiches on the camp stove - delicious), and when Caitlin came back we got ready and went up the street to have an ice-cream. Everyone was feeling a bit flat so a walk and a treat was just what we needed. On the way I ran into another homeschooler I have met before, and we introduced our kids to each other. She has an 8 year old girl, A, who likes similar games to Amelie, so we agreed we'd get them together for a play later on during the camp.

We bought LiAM some new thongs, then went to the Stone Cold IceCreamery, where they add little extra bits to the ice cream if you want them too. I said I would buy one scoop and one add on each, and LiAM decided to pay for an extra scoop and 2 extra add ons himself - he had boysenberry and english toffee scoops, with kit kits, peppermint aero bar, and flake. He was very happy with his selection. Caitlin had raspberry sorbet with popping candy, Amelie had rainbow with nerds, and I had Baileys and Scorched Almond with Peppermint Crisp. We went across the road to the main playground and ate them there - LiAM and I sat at the table and ate our cups, the girls ate their cones while they played. We stayed and played for a while, then walked back to camp via the beach. On the way we met M and E, so walked with them, and decided to come back up to this main beach where the flags were, for a swim.
Ice Cream on an elephant seal

So back to camp (with a small backtracking walk for me as I'd dropped one of Amelie's shoes on the sand and wanted to go back and find it before the waves got it - which was a good choice, as I had dropped it near the water's edge, and up ahead I saw a lady pick it up and move it above the tide line, very thoughtful) and then into our swimming gear and back down to the main beach. The waves were bigger here, and it took LiAM a little longer to get used to the waves - he came in with me and at first stayed quite shallow then moved out further as he got more confident. He was happier swimming here with more people too as he felt there was less chance of a stingray coming in close to a crowd. Caitlin and M went out past the break which they said was pretty awesome. I swam with LiAM for a while and dug in the sand with Amelie for a while and talked to E for a while. Amelie had her shovel and rake and some buckets this time so digging and creating sandcastles was even easier.

Once the younger 2 had had enough we went back to camp and the kids played the computer in the tent, everyone was exhausted again. Caitlin came back with the others when they were done, and we decided to get fish and chips and eat together. We left all the kids at our tent and E and I walked up the street to buy the food - we met some other homeschoolers on the way and walked with them to the far end of the main street, then walked back down to the fish and chip shop we'd been looking for. It was crazily expensive, and we walked back up the street to see what the others were like - all very expensive, ($9 each for a piece of fish or a plain hamburger) so eventually we went back to the first one and got our food there, then back to the kids and ate at our table overlooking the river.

LiAM went inside to play the computer, Amelie snuggled up with me and then went inside after a while, and Caitlin and M chatted with E and I for a while, then decided that perhaps they could go and sit with the teen group, who were playing music across from us. They went for a while but didn't find it very interesting and people didn't really speak to them, so they called it a night. We were all in bed a bit earlier this night, a full day outside and lots of time at the beach was quite tiring.

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