Thursday, 6 August 2015

Sydney Trip -> Day 2

We woke to a very cold frosty morning. Everyone was keen to get going so we could get to Sydney earlier, so we ate breakfast, the kids helped to pack and to tidy up the cabin, then went to play on the jumping pillow and playground while I finished packing the car.

We were on the road before 9.30, something I can’t remember happening before when we’ve been staying in paid accommodation. (I think everyone having their own bag makes packing much easier, rather than one bag with everyone’s clothes in it). It was still cold and frosty but a beautiful sunny morning and lovely to be driving. We listened to some They Might Be Giants, and then started an Audio Book ‘Atticus Claw Settles the Score’ – another book about a cat and it was hilarious and engaging.

By the time we approached Gundagai I needed petrol so we stopped at the Dog on the Tuckerbox to fill the car and stretch our legs. We had a play and bought some hot chips (and a hot drink for me) and ate them in the sun near the dog. We also bought a couple of bags of Batlow apples which were delicious.

We drove the last 3 hours to Sydney with only one extremely brief stop (I pulled over, ran around to the door where the food bags were, found the food that people wanted to eat, handed it out and then we kept going and ate in transit). We reached our friends’ house at around 3.45, which was 2-3 hours before they were expecting us, so a very pleasant surprise for them, and such a relief for my kids to finally be there. Even I had been not quite believing we were going to actually get away on this holiday, so it was so great to be with our friends and realize we’d made it.

I had a cup of tea with L, and the kids played inside and out – on the trampoline and swings and bikes, in the bedrooms, dressing up, on their iPads, with the kittens (5 kittens only 4 weeks old – so incredibly small and cute!!!). After a couple of hours the girls had to go out to a dancing/singing class. Caitlin went with them and was able to join in the class which she loved. Millie and the boys and I stayed home and they continued playing as they had before. We had Chinese for dinner once everyone was home, then negotiated who was going to sleep where. L and I went to bed before any of the kids, eventually they all took themselves off and fell asleep.

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