Monday, 1 December 2014

Houseboat/Wedding Trip Day 4: The Wedding

Everyone slept better this night, although I woke with a shock at 5.10am thinking we'd slept in because it was so light outside - being further east and north of home, the sun rises and sets a lot earlier. We had planned to get up at 5.30 so I got up and started to get organised, everyone except Millie woke up easily and had some breakfast, and we were on our way in the tinny, with a sleepy Amelie, by 6.30am. Beautiful time of day to be out on the water.

We arrived back at the penthouse by 6.45, ready for me to start getting my hair done at 7. It was lovely having the hairdresser play with my hair with all my family and my brother's new family around. She did a braid across the front and down one side, and softened up the curls elsewhere. Throughout the morning she also did Caitlin's hair (2 braids leading around to a plait at the back, and soft curls underneath), and hair for my sister, the bride, her sister, and Millie - who had a Elsa braid - twists leading to a plait (Millie still had lots of dreadlocks and her hair is not really brushable at the moment, and she wanted a plait, so this was perfect). We hung around for the morning, played with the baby, chatted to everyone, ate fruit, it was very relaxed and casual and a lovely way to prepare for a wedding. The bride was the most relaxed bride I've ever seen - confident that everything would go to plan, or if something didn't, that it would work out one way or another anyway. At some point the morning shifted from relaxed hanging out to 'time to get ready' and the 14 of us there were suddenly rushing around getting dressed, which was also quite fun.

The kids looked amazing in their flower girl and ring bearer outfits. LiAM left with us and we all went on a ferry with other guests to the Berowra Waters Inn where the wedding was being held. The girls stayed with the bride and her sister to come on the bridal boat.
Waiting for the bride

The bridal boat arriving

The girls arrived at the wedding and Amelie bravely walked in by herself, followed by Caitlin and then the bride. The ceremony was lovely, and moving, and in a beautiful setting, on the deck of the restaurant overlooking the water and the mountains. There were parasols for guests who were standing in the sun so it wasn't too hot. LiAM took the rings up at the appointed time and placed them on the marriage book for the celebrant to hand them to the bride and groom. My sister (with baby T) and the bride's sister did readings.

After the ceremony there were bubbles to blow, and lots of people to talk to. We had a session of family photos before the food started.
The wedding attendants

With the bride and groom and my parents
The rest of the afternoon was a mix of yummy food (although there wasn't enough food for the kids, who managed very well despite being a bit hungry and very hot), speeches, chatting to the other guests - I met lots of the bride's family and they were all welcoming and interested in our family. It was also fun catching up with some of my brother's friends who I hadn't seen for many years, and my aunt and uncle and some old family friends who were there. The kids explored the area around the restaurant, played with the bubbles and parasols, danced, chatted to numerous guests, and impressed everyone with their conversation.

Around 4.30 the bride and groom left, and the ferry came to pick up all the guests. We went back to the penthouse and changed into more comfortable shoes/clothes as required, had a bit of a rest, then went to the after party at a nearby house, friends of the bride and groom. More chatting, playing, dancing until our boat transport came to pick us up around 7pm to take us back to the houseboat. It was sad to leave the party, although we were all very tired and I really wanted to be back on the boat before sunset and have something to eat and settle down before dark. We had a very quiet evening on the boat, eating leftovers and sitting watching the boats go by the end of our bay, and everyone was in bed by 9pm.

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